Business now and before 2020

January 26, 2021
January 26, 2021 Namah Intellect

Business now and before 2020

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Don’t hover over yellow pages, it’s the dawn of the digital era.

With every second, tech-savvy entrepreneurs are turning their ideas into well-established brands, technology, trends and times have changed the consumer’s buying patterns. Things which looked impossible are now happening in real-time.

  • Digital marketing has played a huge role in turning the tide of time.
  • Earlier, brick and mortar stores were the sole proprietors of sales but now clicks have cashed on the spot.
  • The liberty of setting up virtual stores and easier access to a wider audience has benefited the working of every business.
  • With each refresh, money is being pumped into online campaigns.
  • AI is on the rise and focus is on screens.
  • Today, reach, website traction, click counts, impressions and campaigns have become an essential part of the business ecosystem.
  • There are new clusters being formed and random things are trending, benefiting brands.

We can bet that as you read through there are new algorithms being formed and some brand is charting its mark on the trending spot. This sector is fast-paced and you as a brand need to catch-up to win the game!

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